Why Laguna Niguel area patients may require a crown on a natural tooth

Posted on: January 29, 2015


Dental crowns are a common restorative procedure offered to patients in and around the Laguna Niguel area. Drs. Alex and Nina Basti, DDS of Basti Dental Care work regularly with patients who may need to have a crown placed on a natural tooth. We want our patients to understand that this procedure is done regularly for patients of all ages and not to worry if they are told they may need this restoration.


Dental crowns are also referred to by some patients as “caps.” This is because they cover the top and all sides of a tooth to provide an extra layer of protection. They are often used in situations where a tooth has been damaged. This may be due to trauma, a large area of decay, or even root canal therapy. Root canal therapy removes the dental pulp from inside the tooth, which in turn removes the blood supply and nerves. This can leave teeth brittle, so to maintain the structure, dental crowns may be fabricated to cover the tooth and allow patients to avoid extraction. Large areas of decay may require fillings that can negatively affect the structure of the tooth, also leaving it weak and unable to withstand standard chewing and biting forces. By placing a dental crown over the top of the tooth, patients can enjoy an extra layer of protection.




Drs. Alex and Nina Basti, DDS of Basti Dental Care provide patients in and around their community with same-day dental crowns. These crowns allow patients to have their restorations fabricated and placed during the same appointment, avoiding the need for another visit later on. This is done with our CEREC machine, a special milling device that can create porcelain restorations on-site with digital CAD/CAM technology. Traditional crowns require preparation of the tooth and impressions, which are then sent to outside laboratories for creation, and can take several weeks before they are completed. With CAD/CAM technology, Drs. Alex and Nina Basti, DDS can provide patients with crowns, bridges, and veneers within minutes, and ensure they are precise and fit properly over the natural teeth.

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