What is it about laser dentistry that has residents near Laguna Niguel smiling?


Laser technology has been a driving force in forward progress in the world today. Laser instruments have been regularly used in the medical field for some time. Now, more and more technology is being developed for the dental field. At Basti Dental Care in Mission Viejo, we are happy to use laser dentistry to improve the experiences our patients enjoy in our practice.

What is it that is so special about laser dentistry? Our patients from Laguna Niguel and surrounding areas tend to agree that there are numerous benefits to this technology. Laser can be incorporated into a number of treatments and is safe for patients of all ages, even children. Used by your skilled dentists Dr. Alex and Dr. Nina Basti, laser instruments raise the level of precision in dental treatments while also decreasing discomfort that may otherwise occur.


An example of how laser dentistry is more efficient and comfortable is the use of the Waterlase. A bit different from a traditional laser, the Waterlase uses high-powered air and energized water to treat both hard and soft tissues in a way that is very gentle to surrounding tissues. In many cases, the Waterlase can eliminate the need for the dental drill, achieving excellent results while preserving healthy tooth material.


In addition to treating cavities with laser dentistry, your dentist may also incorporate innovative technology into other types of care:


  • Treating gum disease with laser maximizes results by destroying more bacteria.
  • Infection in the root canal can be eased with laser treatment.
  • The smile can be cosmetically improved with gentle laser gum reshaping.
  • The removal of soft tissues for biopsy or other reasons is gentle, requiring less healing time.


It is important to us to meet the dental needs of each of our patients in such a way that they are encouraged to receive professional preventive care. We understand that the dental office is a stressful place for some people. By incorporating laser technology, we improve your experience with us.


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