Unlock your smile potential; porcelain veneers can fix diverse problems

We all know a good smile when we see one, though we may not realize “why” it’s so attractive.

At Basti Dental Care, it’s our business to know the components contributing to that beautiful smile. Science and artistry converge to create a smile that is noticed for the right reasons.

Elements of a great smile

  • Symmetry – It’s said the most beautiful faces are symmetrical; the left side mirrors the right. The same theory applies to our teeth. Asymmetry presents with gaps and overlaps, or chips that make a tooth on one side of the face appear larger or smaller than its counterpart on the other side.  
  • Color – Youthful features such as big, baby doll eyes or luminous, wrinkle-free skin are valued in many cultures. Likewise, our teeth start as a clean slate. As we age, the protective enamel thins to reveal the darker, dentin layer underneath. The result is yellow or stubborn gray stains on our once pearly whites.

Smooth shape - Regardless of good genes or diligent hygiene, normal wear and tear manifested as chips and pits comes with age. Rough texture on the surface of the tooth is another indicator of advancing age. Years of soda consumption, abrasive toothpastes, and acidic foods thin and roughen the tooth’s surface.


Long on Teeth, Short on Gums - You may have heard the phrase “long in the tooth.” Rooted in gums that recede as we get older, this retreating tissue makes teeth appear longer. While excessive gumminess exposes roots to decay, retaining the height of your teeth is desirable (think of Julia Roberts’ wide smile, modest gum line, and teeth that haven’t shrunk with wear).


Porcelain veneers look and function like natural enamel, so they cover many imperfections other procedures can’t.


Problems veneers can fix

Crooked teeth - To reposition a few teeth or fill a few gaps, veneers are a faster alternative to braces. Note veneers don’t straighten; these thin sheaths of porcelain adhere to the front of your teeth, covering trouble spots and creating the appearance of evenness. We can correct crooked teeth with Invisalign, traditional, or six-month braces, all options that actually straighten.


Dark, yellow or gray teeth - Whitening is the fastest way to improve appearance. While we offer in-office and at-home treatments to brighten smiles, very deep discoloration and some surface stains may be resistant to bleaching solutions. Gray stains, caused by antibiotics such as Tetracycline, trauma, and aging, are notoriously difficult to remove, but veneers can be used to cover them. When bonded to worn or thin enamel, they camouflage the deepest shades of dentin peeking through. Versatile, dramatic “movie star” white or more natural shades can be yours, depending on your personal preference.


Chipped, broken teeth - Veneers work on chips and fractures in much the same way they do for uneven spacing. Fragile teeth that are not candidates for bonding may be hidden or reinforced using veneers. While a good alternative, veneers may not be an option with structural defects or damage to back teeth. In those situations, we use a durable porcelain crown.


Misshapen teeth - Do you have a misshapen tooth? Do your teeth look stubbier, making your gum line appear more pronounced? Veneers can be made longer than natural teeth that have worn-down with time. A tooth may be rounded and vice versa, depending on preference and personal characteristics you want to highlight or minimize.


Working within your goals, we fit you with porcelain veneers to correct wide-ranging problems. Call us at 949-427-2096.

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