Top-notch dentists help guide families near Laguna Niguel, CA to better health

There are more dentists in our neck of Southern California than in any part of the state, and California has more active dentists than any other state.


While there may be a large quantity of dentists in our area, quality is paramount.


The American Dental Association underscores the importance of finding a dentist with the following:


  • Those letters after the name matter. Look for DDS (“Doctor of Dental Surgery”) or DMD (“Doctor of Dental Medicine”). Both Dr. Alex and Dr. Nina Basti fall into the latter category. Dr. Nina Basti is also an “RDH,” for “Registered Dental Hygienist.” Rest assured your Basti Dental Care professional obtained the high level of clinical training and education to graduate from an accredited school
  • Since dentistry is a very personalized service that, ideally, lasts a lifetime, the ADA recommends you visit the office by phone and or in person. You can get more of a sense of the orderliness of the office, the technologies employed, options and flexibility of payments, and availability outside of office hours should you have an emergency. Bring any questions specific to your situation with you. In the meantime, have you checked out our virtual office tour?
  • Letters from satisfied clients matter. Read recommendations. An office may have the latest technologies and the most comfortable furnishings, but client experience speaks volumes. Many of our patients found out about us from their friends and family.


The importance of selecting a quality dentist can’t be overstated. Dental relationships have implications for the quality of your life, too numerous to mention in one article, including:


  • You can’t remove hardened plaque (tartar) on your own with brush and floss. This is where Drs. Basti step in with tools to prevent the continued plaque buildup that leads to other health problems.
  • You may clean your gums well, but professionals’ special tools measure the space between teeth and gums. The bigger the space, the greater the odds of gum disease. In its earliest stage, Drs. Basti can reverse damage and stop its progression.
  • You may feel fine, but dental professionals are equipped to identify the hidden conditions that may be lurking, such as oral cancer. The Basti Dental Care team will check your entire mouth, jaw, neck, and face for any abnormalities and swelling.
  • It’s been said many times that oral health is a window into overall health. An ongoing relationship  with a high-caliber dental office involves assessing any changes to medical status on an ongoing basis.


It’s estimated more than 125 medical conditions are either caused by oral health problems or have devastating implications for the wellness of your mouth. A worst-case scenario may be something like a painful tooth infection called an abscess. If left to progress, it can spread to other parts of your body and become a life-threatening situation.


It’s important to not leave your dental health to just anyone. We’re confident you’ll find Drs. Basti stand out in a good way from the many dentists near Laguna Niguel, CA.

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