Three Signs That You Should Consider Implant Dentistry

ImplantWe provide implant dentistry as a way to replace missing teeth. In our dental office, we have various ways to replace teeth, but this is by far the most durable and natural-looking. This is because an implant replaces both the missing root and tooth, whereas other solutions only replace the tooth. Many of our patients visit our office unsure of what to do about tooth loss. Other more traditional solutions like dental bridges and dentures are also options, but here are a few indications that implants might be the best for you:

Dental Implant Benefits

You want to smile with confidence

Dental implants allow an individual to smile freely without worrying about missing teeth. Since implants look completely natural, it will be impossible to tell the difference between which teeth are 100 percent natural and which teeth are replacements. We take an impression of the patient's mouth prior to having a dental lab create the crowns (tooth portion of the implants). We will also use a shade card so they are the exact same shade as the patient's natural teeth. Thus, it is easy for the patient to have confidence in the new smile.

You want to have a hassle-free smile

Other solutions like dentures require additional care. They need to be removed at night, soaked in a special solution, and cleaned with a gentle toothbrush. If a patient has partial dentures, then he or she will need to brush the natural teeth and take care of the dental bridge separately. However, implant dentistry makes it possible to replace missing teeth in a way that does not require any additional care steps. Patients simply need to brush and floss the teeth like normal. The implants not only look and behave like natural teeth but require the same type of care as natural teeth.

You want a durable smile

Implants are incredibly durable, more so than any other tooth replacement solution. This is because, with implant dentistry, we implant a titanium post under the gums and secure it to the jawbone. The metal and bone will fuse together through a process called osseointegration. This makes a replacement tooth as durable as a natural tooth would be. Patients can engage in high-impact activities such as running a marathon, and the teeth will not become loose or fall out like they could when wearing dentures. Regardless of how secure dentures can be, there is no comparison with the durability that comes from dental implants.

If you lose one tooth or all your teeth, we encourage you to call our office and schedule a consultation to discuss implant dentistry. There are several ways to approach this procedure that we can discuss with you. To ensure you are comfortable, we will complete any implant procedure using sedation.

The total procedure requires several appointments, the first of which is the surgical portion where we implant a metal post. The second is when we attach your new tooth (crown) to a secure abutment on the metal post. While this can take several months to complete, the end result will give you the benefits discussed above.

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