Mission Viejo patients benefit from many potential treatments for overbite, including Invisalign


Think for a moment about how your upper and lower teeth fit together. This is your bite. If you bring these teeth together and find the upper front teeth jut out over your lower set, you may have an overbite. This is not to be confused with an overjet, which is actually the protrusion of your upper front teeth. Habits such as intense and prolonged thumb sucking can actually push a child’s teeth outward.


Overbite best describes the most common type of misalignment. The severity of the overbite can vary. In fact, the upper teeth and jaw can overlap the lower teeth and jaw so much that the lower teeth rub up against and irritate the roof of the mouth.


The most common treatment for overbite is orthodontics. You may know these appliances used to reposition teeth best as metal braces. There are many other types of orthodontic treatments available at Basti Dental Care in addition to conventional braces.


A world of comfortable options


Invisalign may be a preferred way to correct overbite and prevent or stop the progression of overbite-related complications such as jaw discomfort, joint problems, gum irritation, and wear on the lower teeth.


Formerly, if Invisalign sounded familiar at all you probably associated it with the treatment of mild cases of crowding and gaps. Just as other dental technologies have evolved for the better, today’s Invisalign can correct a number of conditions. Even the most challenging bite and alignment problems can be treated, thanks to innovations such as Precision Cuts that incorporate elastic bands.


Patients with overbite who have benefited from the treatment appreciate that these clear aligners aren’t visible to others the way conventional braces are. They also like the flexibility of removing the aligners for eating and for more effective brushing and flossing. Traditional braces are fixed and can only be removed by dental professionals like Drs. Alex and Nina Basti.


The aligners are made from smooth plastic, so they don’t irritate your gums and other delicate tissues the way rigid metal brackets and wires might.


Basti Dental Care will assess if Invisalign for overbite is the best orthodontic treatment for you. If your overbite is particularly deep, other or additional treatments may be recommended. In some cases, there is a discrepancy between the size of the upper and lower jaw and removing teeth in the lower jaw can aid in repositioning the teeth. Call the Basti Dental Care office near Ladera Ranch at  949-427-2096 to schedule an appointment.

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