Mission Viejo, Ca patients get new tooth in one day, thanks to CEREC digital crown system

Mission Viejo, Ca patients get new tooth in one day, thanks to CEREC digital crown systemRethink the process of getting a dental crown. CEREC® one-day crown and traditional crown procedures start the same way: Basti Dental Care examines a patient's tooth, partly to see how much existing tooth structure is left.


From there, a pain reliever is administered to make for the most comfortable experience. The tooth to be crowned is then officially prepared, which includes removing any decayed or weak tissue and potentially building up a significantly decayed or damaged tooth with a tooth-like material.


It's at this point, post-reshaping, that the CEREC® method and the traditional method of placing a crown diverge. With the conventional approach, an impression of your tooth and surrounding teeth will be made using a goopy paste or putty. With the CEREC® method, no uncomfortable or messy goop is necessary! As a digital-driven method, an optical impression is created with a camera and it only takes a few minutes.


With the former approach, after impressions are made a temporary crown will be placed to protect the prepared tooth. The model of your tooth and nearby teeth is sent to a lab, which manufactures the crown. A second visit is scheduled.


With the latter approach, the CEREC® system software transforms the digital impression into a 3-Dimensional virtual likeness of your tooth. The design for your new tooth is then sent to a milling machine, which makes your crown from porcelain that looks and feels like your natural tooth while you wait.


With around 1 hour, your crown will be securely applied to the treatment area. Any adjustments can be made quickly and while you wait. There is no need to schedule a second visit as the examination and preparation through to the manufacture of the crown is completed in one appointment.


For conventionally made crowns, you will return to the dentist usually within a few weeks. During the second visit, the temporary crown is removed and the permanent restoration is placed. If the crown doesn't fit as comfortably as it should, it may need to be sent back to the lab. What that means for you is yet another (your third!) dental visit.


While getting a CEREC® one day crown in Mission Viejo, Ca may seem too good to be true, with today's technology and the expertise of Drs. Alex and Nina Basti, there is no reason a natural-looking yet durable and resilient new tooth can't be yours comfortably and conveniently. To experience how easy restoring a tooth can be, contact Basti Dental Care to schedule an examination.

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