Learn More About the CEREC Crowns Procedure


If you have damaged a tooth, CEREC crowns are one of the best and fastest ways to restore it. At Basti Dental Care, we know our Mission Viejo, CA patients are busy. Taking time out to visit the dentist is not always easy, especially if the appointment is to restore a damaged tooth. Traditionally, this can take two to three appointments with a 92691 general dentist office. However, our technology allows for a tooth to be repaired in one visit. To find out how Drs. Alex & Nina Basti can restore your damaged tooth in one day, call (949) 201-4721.

How the CEREC Crowns Procedure Works

When you visit our office with a damaged tooth, we will examine and take digital images of it. This will allow us to see the full extent of the damage and to make a recommendation as to how to correct it. If CEREC crowns are your best option, we will take digital images of your tooth that will then be uploaded into our software program. A 3D model of your tooth will be created, along with a blueprint for the exact size and specifications of your new crown. This blueprint will then be sent to our milling machine so the crown can be created while you wait. In the meantime, we will numb your tooth and prepare it by removing a portion of your enamel. Once the crown is ready, we will bond it in place and you will be ready to head home or back to work. It is that easy.

Why CEREC Crowns Are Better Than Traditional Ones

Drs. Alex & Nina Basti are passionate about using the latest dental technology, and it is easy to see why. New technology, including CEREC crowns, are making it possible to have common oral health problems corrected faster and with less discomfort than ever before. This is especially true when it comes to restoring teeth with dental crowns. If you live in Mission Viejo, CA or the 92691 area, there is no need to get a traditional crown that requires you to schedule an examination, an appointment for your tooth to be prepared, and a third appointment for your crown to be placed. In between your visits, you will be forced to wear a temporary crown that can come loose and feel uncomfortable. This is not particularly enjoyable and requires you to take time off work. At Basti Dental Care, we think this is entirely unnecessary. Instead, call (949) 201-4721 to schedule an appointment for CEREC crowns and have your tooth fully restored before you leave our California dental office.

CEREC Crowns Look Natural

In addition to being an easy way to restore damaged teeth, CEREC crowns are made using a tooth-colored resin that will blend in with your surrounding natural teeth. When you visit Basti Dental Care, you can leave our Mission Viejo, CA office with a fully restored tooth that looks and feels amazing. To schedule an appointment with our 92691 dental office, call (949) 201-4721.

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