Dentists near Ladera Ranch offer a number of treatments with noninvasive approach to improve your smile


Seemingly minor procedures can have a big impact on the look of your smile. Likewise, if you have a number of concerns, Basti Dental Care has a number of treatments to address them. Whatever the case may be, when you improve your smile you are actually doing your whole body and your life a big favor.


For one, consider how interconnected oral health is to whole-body and systemic health. You may have heard about the many studies exploring how gum disease is associated with a range of conditions that don’t seem to be connected to the mouth from the outset – from arthritis to uncontrolled diabetes to cognitive issues, even heart conditions.


You or a loved one may have had the misfortune of experiencing severe dental infections. In some cases, they can spread to other parts of the body and can be quite serious. There are also practical considerations when teeth don’t fit together properly or are worn, or advanced gum disease and other conditions cause pain. If you’re in pain or struggle to chew properly, nutrition suffers. Poor diet can have devastating consequences for your overall health.


Since your teeth and gums are highly visible, if you aren’t happy with how they look you may withdraw socially. Your self-confidence can be affected. When you consider how the aesthetic and functional state of your mouth affects every facet of your life, you can see it is important to treat conditions that negatively affect the look and structure of your teeth and tissues.


Depending on your concerns, Drs. Alex and Nina Basti offer treatments including:

  • Whitening — In-office or professional trays for home use
  • Veneers — Ultra-thin, tooth-colored shells applied to the front of teeth to cover stubborn stains and reshape teeth
  • Invisalign or braces — Removable or fixed options to straighten teeth
  • Crowns — Designed to cover tooth structure for both aesthetic and functional reasons
  • Dental implants — Replace missing teeth by rebuilding the tooth from root to crown


Basti Dental Care can offer these and other treatments more comfortably than many other practices, courtesy of gentle technologies and techniques such as laser dentistry. This advanced approach to common procedures minimizes discomfort and potential complications before and after treatment. This aspect of treatment alone is reason enough to smile. To get a permanent smile boost, call your preferred dentists option in the Ladera Ranch Area, Basti Dental Care, at 949-427-2096.

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