Bring Your Teen to See a Mission Viejo General Dentist So They Can Stay Healthy This Year

General DentistOral health is important for everyone, and as a Mission Viejo general dentist, this is what we focus on. If you have teenagers, it is critical that you take the time to prevent them from experiencing health problems, especially if they are in their senior year of high school. This is an important year, and it is essential that they do not miss days from school due to preventable health problems. This year, they will be studying for finals and the SATs. Their grades and scores will influence what college they get into, so every day in class counts.

Still, cavities are incredibly common for children and teens, and these cavities can lead to toothaches that require immediate dental care. The good news is, we can provide them with the preventative dental care that can decrease the risk of them developing any oral health problems. To do so, we suggest you bring them to our office twice a year - once now in the fall, and again before their finals in the spring. We can take the time to clean their teeth and remove any harmful plaque or tartar that has built up, so a cavity, infection, or gum disease does not form. During these appointments, we will also look for early signs of cavities or infections. Many people do not realize that cavities undergo a process before they cause a toothache. If we catch the decay early, we can remove it right away, long before your teen is inconvenienced by it.

As a general dentist in Mission Viejo, we also understand how busy modern teenagers are. The demands and pressure of school are high, even more so during the student's senior year. Most teens also have extracurricular activities like playing sports, choir or band, dance class, etc. If you have them working with a tutor, they have even less time, and of course, there is homework and friends. This can make finding the right appointment time challenging, but we will work with you to ensure they can get in for a teeth cleaning.

While here, we have several treatment options that can be completed quickly so they will not need a second appointment. We can strengthen their teeth with fluoride, for example. We can remove tooth decay and restore their tooth with a dental filling in one visit. We can also restore a cracked, chipped, or otherwise damaged tooth in one visit using dental bonding. In this procedure, we prepare the tooth by roughening and moisturizing it and then apply bonding material directly to the tooth so it can be shaped and hardened. While not as long-lasting as a dental crown, the fact we can restore the function and appearance of the tooth immediately is typically far more convenient for a busy teenager. The point is that we will work with you and your teen to ensure they are as healthy as possible and that receiving the dental care they need is also incredibly convenient. To learn more, call and schedule an appointment with our Mission Viejo general dentist office today.

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