Braces treatment helps to correct more than your crooked teeth

The most attractive physical feature isn’t a fit body, gorgeous hair, or great legs; 45 percent of those surveyed by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry named “smile” as the most attractive feature on a person, regardless of age. Body was not even a close choice with a mere 10 percent of respondents.


If you have crooked teeth, these findings aren’t reason to smile. Chances are, you haven’t been smiling anyway, hiding your teeth with your hand even when you laugh, and applying a “mouth-closed” philosophy to all photographs.


There is no reason to feel embarrassed; few are blessed with perfectly straight teeth. Basti Dental Care employs the latest braces-related technology to help correct your crooked teeth, and get you looking and feeling better.


You may blame headaches or other conditions on stress, when the stress of your misaligned jaw is the real culprit. Likewise, over time, crooked teeth can cause other dental and health problems, including:


  • Difficulty eating due to a bad bite
  • Speech impediments, like a lisp
  • Excessive wear as teeth naturally compensate for deficiencies
  • Gum disease as improperly placed teeth are harder to clean
  • Periodontitis, which can lead to tooth loss
  • Temporomandibular Joint disorders (TMJ), caused by prolonged stress on jaw joints, face muscles from poor bite
  • Headaches, earaches
  • Shoulder, neck pain


A painless, efficient answer to a lifetime of potential issues


Some people may only need a removable aligner to correct crooked teeth. Others may need an operation if the underbite or overbite is extreme. Today’s options are more sophisticated and patient-friendly than ever before.


We can fit your mouth and preferences with one of the following:

  • Invisalign – Clear, plastic aligners snap over teeth. No brackets, wires, or metal are involved. Straightens teeth, corrects a variety of bite and spacing issues. Worn 20 to 22 hours a day for 12 months or more, aligners are replaced every two weeks to shift teeth incrementally. Unlike traditional braces, they may be removed for cleaning and meals.
  • Six Month Smile – This alternative to veneers is primarily for straightening of targeted, visible teeth. Designed like traditional metal braces, clear brackets and tooth-colored wires make them inconspicuous. With an average treatment time of half a year, they are appropriate for teens and adults with purely cosmetic concerns.
  • Traditional – Today’s metal braces have come a long way from the hard-to-miss “metal mouth” of yesteryear. Appropriate for young and old alike, improved versions to correct severe orthodontic issues are less dense, more comfortable and require fewer adjustments than older designs.  



Invisalign, short-term, and traditional braces are unified by a common goal: to correct the position of the teeth. After a thorough consultation with you, Drs. Alex and Nina Basti will narrow down those options. Call 949-427-2096 so you can start sharing your smile – that most attractive of all physical features!


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