Affordable family dental care in Mission Viejo CA does not lack a personal touch

Although the opposite is true for many people, we believe that visits to the dentist should be something to look forward to. Taking care of your teeth with preventive exams and cleanings help avoid painful problems, bad breath, and more. Drs. Alex and Nina Basti have designed Basti Dental Care as an office where patients of all ages are treated like family in a welcoming, professional atmosphere. While we offer our patients affordable dental care, our Mission Viejo, CA dental team excels in the area of personal attention.


The goal of our practice is to know our patients on an individual basis. In our small family practice, we treat generations of families. We encourage professional care for younger members of the family at an early age as a way of familiarizing children with our office and with dental care in general. Early care for children consists mainly of prevention and education, so it does not have to be a frightening experience. We further improve children’s experience with our fun attitude, personal attention, and “treats” such as stickers.


There are several benefits to choosing Basti Dental Care for your family’s dental needs. A family dentist can provide the majority of the preventive, restorative, and cosmetic treatments family members need at various times. Getting to know the individual, we can discuss areas of concern and plan treatments according to specific goals. With a greater amount of familiarity, we are better able to meet goals and expectations.


In addition to personalized care, Drs. Alex and Nina Basti also maintain a high level of excellence in care by using innovative technologies to improve patient care. In our office, patients benefit from gentle treatments using laser instruments like the Waterlase or the Wand. The technology incorporated into dental care is carefully selected for their ability to decrease discomfort associated with dental care and further improve the patient’s experience in our office.


You deserve to have your smile needs attended to by a dental team that knows you. Call Basti Dental Care at 949-427-2096 for your visit.

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